July 09, 2020


Dagyum Ji

Dagyum Ji was a senior NK News correspondent based in Seoul. She previously worked for Reuters TV.


What’s on the agenda for the fifth inter-Korean summit?

South Korea has ambitious plans for this week's third meeting between Moon and Kim

Dagyum Ji September 17, 2018

Suryong skin care: North Korea’s burgeoning cosmetics industry

From anti-aging creams to skin-lightening facial toners, new brands are everywhere

Dagyum Ji November 28, 2017

North Korean bank offering prize lottery for VIP customers: brochure

Jinmyong Joint Bank also providing domestic tours for clients with big savings

Dagyum Ji October 10, 2017

Blacklisted DPRK bank running company selling, producing precious metals

Chosun Credit Investment Company run by Office 39-linked Korea Daesong Bank

Dagyum Ji October 9, 2017

100 days of Moon Jae-in: The progress so far

From THAAD to missile tests and Donald Trump - how South Korea's new President has fared so far

Dagyum Ji August 17, 2017

Moon’s five year plan for “peace and prosperity” in Korea, a summary

From plans for major economic cooperation with the North to denuclearization in four years, Seoul has an ambitious strategy

Dagyum Ji August 1, 2017

In photos: N. Korean banking’s links to govt IT authority, offers for foreign clients

DPRK banks offer special interest rates for savings in foreign currency

Dagyum Ji July 26, 2017

Moon Jae-in’s security and foreign affairs team: the key players

In part two of a series, we examine the South Korean President's picks for the Blue House and the Foreign Ministry

Dagyum Ji June 26, 2017

Moon Jae-in’s unification and defense team: who are the new ministers?

In part one of a series, we examine the incoming ministers of South Korea's new government

Dagyum Ji June 21, 2017

North Korea rolls out new license plate format for vehicle owners

New plates could be intended to enhance readability by CCTV, expert says

Chad O'Carroll| Dagyum Ji April 28, 2017