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July 22, 2024


Dagyum Ji

Dagyum Ji

Dagyum Ji was a senior NK News correspondent based in Seoul. She previously worked for Reuters TV.


South Korea, U.S. discussing plans for modified air combat exercise: MND

Confirmation follows unverified local media reports that Washington and Seoul had agreed to suspend Vigilant Ace drills

Dagyum JiDagyum JiNovember 5, 2019

Third North Korea-U.S. summit “critical” to achieving denuclearization: Moon

Trust between Trump and Kim, will to continue dialogue "remain unchanged," South Korean President tells ASEAN+3 Summit

Dagyum JiDagyum JiNovember 4, 2019

North Korean missile developments not “grave threat” to South, official says

National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong stresses South's "superior" defense technology following MLRS test by the North

Dagyum JiDagyum JiNovember 1, 2019

Seoul reiterates the need for increased inter-Korean fund, undisclosed budget

Unification ministry maintains disclosure of budget may decrease its bargaining power in inter-Korean negotiations

Dagyum JiDagyum JiOctober 31, 2019

North Korea launches two projectiles towards the East Sea, South Korea says

Seoul expresses "strong concerns" over missile test, urges Pyongyang to cease testing

Dagyum JiDagyum Ji | Oliver HothamOctober 31, 2019

Current tensions making North Korea reluctant to accept food aid from South: MOU

Rejection of help from Seoul likely an expression of Pyongyang's "discontent," unification ministry official tells media

Dagyum JiDagyum JiOctober 30, 2019

North Korea rejects South Korean calls for direct talks on Mount Kumgang issue

Pyongyang is insisting dialogue must take place through an exchange of documents, unification ministry says

Dagyum JiDagyum JiOctober 29, 2019

South Korea proposes face-to-face meetings with North over Mount Kumgang issue

"Unilateral action" by the DPRK against ROK-owned property may harm relations, MOU says

Dagyum JiDagyum JiOctober 28, 2019

North must take “forward-looking measures” to improve relations: South Korean FM

Kim Jong Un's order to demolish South Korean-built facilities at Mount Kumgang shows his "frustration," says Kang

Dagyum JiDagyum JiOctober 24, 2019

South Korea ready to discuss Mount Kumgang issue with North “at any time”: MOU

Hyundai Asan, which owns property at resort, says it's "disconcerted" by reports of planned demolition

Dagyum JiDagyum JiOctober 23, 2019