December 11, 2019

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Robert E. McCoy

Robert E. McCoy is a retired U.S. Air Force Korean linguist and analyst/reporter who was stationed in Asia for more than fourteen years. He continues to follow developments in East Asia closely. Mr. McCoy’s book Tales You Wouldn’t Tell Your Mother is now out. He can be contacted via his website which also lists his previous essays and has personal vignettes on Asia (Tidbits) not published elsewhere.

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Friends disunited: breaking down an increasingly-tense U.S.-ROK alliance

Friction surrounding cost-sharing negotiations should not overshadow Korea's strategic importance to the U.S.

Robert E. McCoy November 27, 2019

The U.S. still knows worryingly little about how to deal with North Korea

A naïve President and so-called experts frequently show their lack of historical understanding

Robert E. McCoy October 17, 2019

As talks with North Korea stall, it's time for some outside-the-box thinking

The same approaches are continually recycled with – unsurprisingly – no positive results

Robert E. McCoy September 2, 2019

The other threat from North Korea: international weapons proliferation

DPRK weapons sales to the Middle East and Africa of great concern, but receive little attention

Robert E. McCoy August 1, 2019

North Korea's "Songun Iskander" test: what observers might have missed

Both the U.S. and South Korea must own up to the threat the DPRK's new missiles pose

Robert E. McCoy May 29, 2019

Is resistance futile? Prospects for popular uprising in North Korea

Some recent reports suggest internal opposition to Kim Jong Un could be growing

Robert E. McCoy May 26, 2019

Why offering sanctions relief may be the wrong bait for Kim Jong Un

Long-term, the North Koreans are much more concerned with regime security

Robert E. McCoy May 7, 2019

Why both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump want a third summit

The two appear open to meeting again, though it's unclear what further talks could actually achieve

Robert E. McCoy April 29, 2019

Why it's time for South Korea to take more responsibility for its defense

An increase in spending on the part of Seoul could allay fears of an alliance decoupling

Robert E. McCoy January 20, 2019

Why Washington cannot abandon the North Korean human rights issue

In softening its stance, the U.S. has given up a useful pressure point

Robert E. McCoy December 30, 2018
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