September 21, 2020

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Phebe Kim

Phebe Kim is an NK News contributor based in Washington DC. She is a Fulbright Korea Grantee, 2010-2012 and is currently a M.A. Candidate at Georgetown University.

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Oh: Aiding bottom-up marketization key to reform

U.S., S. Korea must step up efforts to provide information, mobilize N. Koreans, expert says

Phebe Kim August 14, 2014

Oh: Regional leaders show disjointed approaches to Korean reunification

Competing national interests make coordinated regional front against North Korean nuclear resolve difficult

Phebe Kim August 12, 2014

North Korea may host international golf tournament in Kumgang

Tournament could include the South Korean funded Ananti-Kumgang hotel golf course

Phebe Kim August 7, 2014

Christianity in North Korea: Behind state propaganda

Contrary to propaganda and state-approved churches, Christians are treated as an ideological threat to regime

Phebe Kim August 6, 2014

Congressman says Obama policy insufficient for denuclearizing North

Administration envoys highlight multi-front effort pressuring Pyongyang over weapons, prisoner detentions

Phebe Kim July 31, 2014

Hamisevicz: Two Koreas need sustainable exchanges, not temporary fixes

North Korea must do its part in improving itself before finding fault with its neighbors

Phebe Kim July 22, 2014

Hamisevicz: India uses North Korea to counterbalance China, Pakistan

India monitors North Korea's interactions with South Asian neighbors through engagement

Phebe Kim July 21, 2014

Armstrong: North Korea not isolationist, follows self-determination principle

Scholar compares North to 1980s-era Eastern Europe, says government has become an obstacle to people’s livelihoods

Phebe Kim July 13, 2014

Foreign laptops increasingly popular item for North Korean middle class

North Korea's elite move mobile computing as laptops become status symbol

Phebe Kim July 10, 2014