August 10, 2020

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Park Ui-sung

Park Ui-sung is a North Korean defector now living in the South. He grew up in the country’s coastal regions.

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Ask a North Korean: how do you feel about Moon Jae-in's policies so far?

"I'm the very first in my family to publicly and freely write about my leader"

Park Ui-sung June 29, 2018

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"The authorities fear internal opposition more than restrictive economic measures"

Park Ui-sung March 25, 2018

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"How would you react if you encountered an alien visiting our planet?"

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"Just two years ago, the holiday known as Christmas felt awkward to me ..."

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Ask a North Korean: What's cool in North Korea?

"South Korean culture plays a huge role in driving these changes"

Park Ui-sung December 6, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Do people talk about life after death in the DPRK?

"The regime seeks to prevent discussion of the afterlife"

Park Ui-sung November 16, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Welcoming Park Ui-sung, a new writer

"It all started with an old television..."

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