January 20, 2020

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Luke Herman

Luke Herman is a regular writer at NK News and the Peterson Institute’s “Witness to Transformation” blog. He is a graduate of the UCSD School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS). Follow him on Twitter (@luke_herman) or email him your comments at [email protected].  

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Kim Jong Un's August visits focus on sports and culture

Kim Jong Un focuses on sports and culture in August, confirming trend away from military

Luke Herman September 10, 2013

Data shows changing priorities for North Korean leadership

North Korea Leadership Tracker data shows changes in personnel and priorities post 'crisis' period

Luke Herman August 8, 2013

Kim Jong Un's changing priorities: May visits in the DPRK

May saw Kim Jong Un make five economic appearances, a striking departure from recent months

Luke Herman June 6, 2013

Like (Grand) Father, Like Son?

History Shows Kim Jong Un No More Reckless Than Predecessors

Luke Herman May 31, 2013

Data shows Kim Jong Un's heavy military focus in Q1

NK Leadership Tracker shows Kim Jong Un focused exclusively on military and Pyongyang prestige projects

Luke Herman May 8, 2013

Sino-North Korean Trade at Record High Despite Beijing Criticism

While China uses its public voice to openly criticize North Korea's nuclear test, behind-the-scenes trade is at a record high.

Luke Herman February 14, 2013

NK Leadership Chess: 2012 Year-in-Review

2012 was a major success for Pyongyang, with Kim Jong Un successfully taking on all of the positions formerly held by his father

Luke Herman January 7, 2013

North Korea Responds to South Korean Election

North Korea Acknowledges Park Election Victory in Record Time

Luke Herman December 21, 2012

China's Got a New Face, But its NK Policy Is Still Full Of Wrinkles

Kim Jong Un has sent his congratulations to Xi Jinping as China's new leader, but will Beijing's policy towards Pyongyang change direction?

Luke Herman November 19, 2012

Brace Yourselves, The Kim Jong Un Badges Are Coming

Reports from Pyongyang suggest that some members of North Korea's top security agency are being issued with Kim Jong Un badges

Luke Herman November 15, 2012
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