January 27, 2021

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Kelly Kasulis

Kelly Kasulis is the Managing Editor of NK News, based in Seoul. She previously covered North and South Korea for Public Radio International, Al Jazeera English, Bloomberg Industry, Mic and many others. Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kasulisk.

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China may be warming up to North Korea, but it still supports inter-Korean talks

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and said he hopes for “political resolution”

Kelly Kasulis January 26, 2021

Antony Blinken, critic of Trump’s North Korea policy, becomes secretary of state

Blinken recently called North Korea “a hard problem that has plagued administration after administration”

Kelly Kasulis January 26, 2021

North Korea claims no COVID-19 cases nearly one year after shutting its borders

The country shut down its borders in Jan. 2020 and also enacted two lockdowns to trade since

Kelly Kasulis January 25, 2021

Trump leaves office with a shaky North Korea legacy that could haunt Biden

Experts say Trump left a net positive on North Korea, but also a domestic mess that will distract Biden from Pyongyang

Kelly Kasulis January 20, 2021

‘World’s strongest weapon’: North Korea touts new missile at military parade

State media reported that a submarine-launched ballistic missile, rockets and tanks rolled through Kim Il Sung Square

Colin Zwirko | Kelly Kasulis January 14, 2021

Party Congress over: Kim Yo Jong insults Seoul and talks military parade rumors

Kim Yo Jong accused South Korea of having "nothing better to do" than watch for a Pyongyang military parade

Kelly Kasulis January 12, 2021

Kim Jong Un absent as officials talk military, science plans at Party Congress

Leaders ironed out finer details about future agriculture, science, defense capabilities and industry plans

Kelly Kasulis | Won-Gi Jung January 11, 2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulates Kim Jong Un on his big promotion

Xi vowed to continuously "preserve, consolidate and develop China-DPRK relations," Chinese state media reported

Kelly Kasulis January 11, 2021

Signs of military parade detected in Pyongyang on Sunday night, JCS says

The South Korean military detected potential signs of a military parade in Kim Il Sung Square on the evening of Jan. 10

Kelly Kasulis January 10, 2021

North Korea calls the US its ‘biggest enemy’ and vows to keep developing nukes

At Eighth Party Congress, Kim Jong Un also vows not to use nuclear weapons unless DPRK sovereignty is threatened

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis January 8, 2021
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