August 13, 2020

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Ji-Min Kang

Ji-min is an “Ask a North Korean” contributor. He is in his late 20s and left Pyongyang in 2005. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Ask a North Korean: Called in for questioning by government officials

"Once they take you away to the prison camp, you are never heard from again"

Ji-Min Kang January 31, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Pop culture and young love in North Korea

"If a CD or DVD is found stuck in your player, you’re in deep trouble"

Ji-Min Kang January 24, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Beers with a South Korean defector in Pyongyang

"According to him, South Korea was a living hell where people couldn’t live"

Ji-Min Kang January 17, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Does religion survive in North Korea?

"The underground church in North Korea has been almost completely destroyed"

Ji-Min Kang January 4, 2017

Under wraps: Do North Koreans use condoms?

They're not widely available, and people don't know how to use the ones that are there

Ji-Min Kang April 27, 2016

Why N.Korean defectors leave the South

South Korea's competitive society, judgment of defectors makes living there unbearable for many

Ji-Min Kang March 18, 2016

What Hanawon doesn’t teach North Korean defectors

Institution gives refugees role models, but skimps on the hardships, discrimination to come

Ji-Min Kang July 15, 2015

The pro-N. Korea 'talk concert' should stop talking

Those who've seen selective sights in North Korea should not ignore those who suffer there

Ji-Min Kang May 21, 2015

North Korea never misses chance to bash U.S.

Regime succeeds in making people fearful, despite inroads made by American pop culture

Ji-Min Kang April 1, 2015
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