September 26, 2020

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Kim Jong Un meets Xi Jinping: experts react

What did a historic summit between the Chinese President and the DPRK leader actually achieve?

Jenny Lee and Tia Han March 28, 2018

Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong Un: experts react

Is the North Korean leader sincere in his desire for talks, and how much will actually be achieved?

Top 5 Similarities between North and South Korea

What are the main similarities (and differences) between life in the two Koreas?

Jae Young Kim February 11, 2013

People Who Don't Like The Mass Games Are Weird

Did you ever practice for mass dance events like Arirang and what was the training process like?

Jae Young Kim January 21, 2013

How We Survived On The North Korean Farm

Ask a North Korean: What is life like in the North Korean countryside?

Jae Young Kim January 11, 2013

My Winter Holidays In North Korea

Just because it's cold, it doesn't stop us partying, eating, singing and dancing for the DPRK's New Year celebrations.

Jae Young Kim January 1, 2013

Even the Dogs in China Had More Food Than Us

What rumors did you hear about the "outside world" that turned out to be true or false when you lived in North Korea? Are there any things you miss about your life there?

Jae Young Kim December 17, 2012

Looking Pretty In North Korea

Where do North Korean Girls Get Their Fashion and Beauty Inspiration From? How Does It Differ From South Korea?

Jae Young Kim December 10, 2012

A Bullet Is More Precious Than A Bon-bon

Ask A North Korean: What do most North Koreans think of the country's satellite and rocket programs?

Jae Young Kim December 5, 2012

Korean Coffee Culture: Lost In Communication

Given the major cultural differences between North and South, will Korean unification be a smooth process?

Jae Young Kim November 12, 2012