January 28, 2020

Expert Surveys

Opinion surveys with leading experts on North Korea

Kim Jong Un's plenum speech: experts react

North Korea watchers weigh in on what to make of DPRK leader's U.S.-focused policy speech in place of New Year Address

NK News January 1, 2020

What to make of North Korea's repeated rejections of South Korea?

Experts weigh in on the increasingly-dim prospects for inter-Korean talks

Chad O'Carroll August 16, 2019

Kim Jong Un to host Xi Jinping for their first Pyongyang summit: experts react

What's on the agenda for the fifth Kim-Xi summit, and how will denuclearization talks be affected?

Colin Zwirko June 18, 2019

Kim Jong Un heads to Russia: why now, and what to expect?

Experts weigh in on prospects for the first DPRK-Russia summit in almost eight years

Leo Byrne | Oliver Hotham April 19, 2019

The Hanoi summit: experts react

DPRK watchers weigh in on the second Trump-Kim meeting summit and the apparent impasse in Hanoi

Hamish Macdonald February 28, 2019

Five years since the COI, what progress on North Korean human rights?

Experts weigh in on the long-term impact of the Commission of Inquiry

Oliver Hotham February 7, 2019

Kim Jong Un's New Year's speech: experts react

North Korea watchers weigh in on what to make of the DPRK leader's annual address

Colin Zwirko January 1, 2019

Inter-Korean family reunions: why now, and what broader impact?

Experts weigh in on the past, present, and future of this week's Mt. Kumgang meetings

Oliver Hotham August 21, 2018

South Korea's restaurant worker defector controversy: what should happen next?

Experts weigh in on the increasingly contentious case of the Ningpo 12

Chad O'Carroll July 18, 2018

The Singapore Declaration: experts react

Specialists weigh in on the impact of the Kim-Trump meeting

Hamish Macdonald | Leo Byrne June 12, 2018
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