June 03, 2023

‘Rip them apart, slice them up’: North Korea ramps up gruesome anti-US rhetoric

Teens vow to ‘exterminate’ and ‘beat to death’ US and ROK for holding joint military drills in new state-led campaign

North Korean state media has ramped up grisly anti-U.S. and South Korea rhetoric in recent weeks, showing teens taking to the streets in state-led rallies and holding signs vowing to “slice [enemies] into pieces,” “rip them apart to death” and “beat them to a pulp.”

The stepped-up vitriol is part of an overall propaganda campaign reacting to recent and ongoing large-scale U.S.-ROK military drills, NK News analysis shows. Pyongyang has claimed that over 1.4 million young people signed up to join the military in just the last two weeks to “exterminate” Americans and South Koreans.