February 22, 2024

South Koreans divided on 2019 repatriation of two North Koreans, polls show

Opinions fall along party lines, with conservatives more likely to see handover by progressive government as mistake

South Koreans are split on whether the two North Korean men repatriated in Nov. 2019 should have been put on trial in the South for their alleged crimes, according to a new poll published Wednesday.

Out of 1,000 respondents, 43.1% told Data Research this week that the two North Koreans accused of killing 16 crewmates before fleeing the DPRK should have been “put on trial in South Korea,” while 43.3% answered that they had to be “forcefully repatriated” to North Korea. Another 7.9% said they had “other views,” while 5.8% said they are not sure.