December 07, 2023

The UN has little appetite for more sanctions, and North Korea knows it

Pyongyang will likely continue missile testing as the US musters only strongly worded statements in response

In January, North Korea carried out a series of missile tests that clearly violated U.N. Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. But the U.N. Security Council has hardly responded. It has not agreed on any further sanctions on the DPRK or even passed a resolution condemning these actions.  

China and Russia are part of the reason for this, of course. Both oppose any further sanctions on Pyongyang, and regularly argue that existing sanctions should be rolled back. And as both countries hold a Security Council veto, they are able to block any draft resolution that would strengthen or extend sanctions. But it also seems that there has been a severe erosion of the will of other UNSC members to sanction North for its illegal acts.