November 29, 2023

North Korea upgrades new skyscraper to 80 floors, making it 2nd-tallest in DPRK

State media claims soldiers built one story every 16 hours and carried materials up tower ‘dozens’ of times per day

North Korean soldiers have finished framework construction of an 80-story skyscraper in Pyongyang, state media claimed Wednesday, revealing that designers added about 30 floors to what was originally planned to be a 50-odd-story building.

Though state media has yet to reveal the skyscraper’s precise height, it is likely that its 80 floors will be taller than a 70-story tower that sprouted up on Ryomyong Street in the capital in 2017. Both remain in the shadow of the 105-story Ryugyong Hotel, which has not opened since reaching its current height in 1989.