May 12, 2021

North Korea is hyping citizens up for submarine missile and satellite launches

New domestic propaganda boldly boasts SLBM and aerospace program developments to DPRK citizens

At the start of this year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told the world that the country would move full speed ahead with developments to its submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) and aerospace programs. Now, Pyongyang’s propagandists are taking things a step further, hyping up the North Korean population for possible launches this year.

This week marked an escalation in North Korea’s domestic messaging: On April 18, authorities first edited together 3D animations of a satellite launch and an apparent SLBM launch for a special propaganda film celebrating the Day of the Sun holiday. The film, titled “Wonders of Light 2021,” featured scenes of these launches that were not a part of its 2020 version that was shown last October.