October 01, 2023

Kim Jong Un wants to control teens with music, haircuts and socialist thought

North Korean leader tells Youth League to stamp out “exotic lifestyles” and “dangerous poisons” to state ideals

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants to shape up his country’s “criminal” teens with new music, new entertainment, socialist hairstyles and actions that root out other “dangerous poisons” to state ideology.

On Friday, North Korean state media released a letter written by Kim, which called for the country’s Youth League to crack down on what the DPRK leader considers to be unsavory, individualistic, anti-socialist behavior. The letter, addressed to thousands of people attending the Youth League’s 10th congress on Thursday, spoke of a failure to control the country’s youngest generations, who need to be shaped into more ideologically-pure party members so that all North Koreans can “lead a happy life within 15 years.”