September 26, 2023

Kim Jong Un wants to gift fancy new ‘terrace’ flats to teachers and scientists

The North Korean leader recently inspected housing development plans and prototype passenger buses, state media says

In North Korea’s capital city, being a top scientist, writer or teacher certainly appears to come with a major payoff: On Friday, North Korean state media reported that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, wants to gift these “labor innovators” new modern “terrace” apartments before the end of the year.

The apartments, slated for a forested hill area in central Pyongyang, will be spread across more than two dozen buildings surrounded by lush trees, according to 3D mockups shown on state media. After they’re finished, they will be given to “scientists, educators, writers and other working people who are devotedly working for the Party and the state,” the DPRK’s state-run Voice of Korea (VOK) said.