May 28, 2023

Time is running out: Moon Jae-in’s North Korea goals are looking more unlikely

Experts say that South Korea is paralyzed by its conflicting goals of boosting defense and wooing Pyongyang

South Korean President Moon Jae-in carved out a significant chunk of his 2021 New Year's speech to promoting “a peaceful and prosperous Korean Peninsula” and assuring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he’ll meet “at any time and any place.” 

But Pyongyang has made it clear that it’s unhappy with Seoul: The leader’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, slammed the South for being a “truly weird group” and an "idiot" through state media on Wednesday. Days prior, Kim Jong Un reportedly said that relations are back to the pre-Panmunjom Declaration days in a state media report about the country’s now-finished Eighth Party Congress.