May 28, 2023

For the sake of unity, Japan must make amends for the “comfort women”

Examining the past is critical to peace on the Peninsula and a united front against North Korea

With South Korean President Park Geun-hye impeached on charges of corruption and her presidency in tatters, candidates for the office and other political opponents are feeding like jackals on her perceived missteps. Among these is the rashly-settled agreement between Japan and South Korea on the so-called "comfort women" issue.

The ripples from this are spreading wider and wider, seemingly on a near-daily basis. First, Seoul has declined to participate with Japan and the U.S. in what was to have been the first anti-submarine training involving all three countries aimed at early detection of North Korean submarines. Tokyo has expertise in this area, and Seoul has long been worried about Pyongyang’s ability to conduct threatening underwater activities.