August 19, 2022

Preparing for the unpredictable in N.Korea

No one wants to talk about sudden collapse and reunification, but they should

Nowadays, the majority agree that unification by absorption (admittedly, the only realistic scenario for Korean unification) is likely to deal a massive blow to the South Korean economy. It will also have serious social consequences for both Korean societies. This is the actual reason why many do not wish to talk about unification-by-absorption. This is also why those few who dare to talk about the need to consider such an eventuality are frequently accused of “courting disaster,” especially in South Korea.

Alas, what the Dutch describe as the “ostrich policy” is triumphant. It has become quite politically incorrect to seriously discuss the possible consequences and policy options should such cataclysmic events unfold. In South Korea, the fear of an honest discussion is almost irrational. In this regard, maybe it is worthwhile recalling that hunter-gathers often considered the names of the larger predators taboo: It was feared that calling tigers and bears by their real names could bring on a sudden attack.