November 29, 2023

Pak Jong Chon appointed vice chief of General Staff

KPA’s top artillery officer given high-ranking position in General Staff department

North Korea has appointed Pak Jong Chon, head of the Korean People’s Army Artillery Command, to the post of vice chief of the KPA General Staff. The state-controlled Korean Central News Agency referred to Pak as a vice chief of the General Staff for the first time in a report on Kim Jong Un’s inspection of the Hwa Islet Defense Detachment on Tuesday.

Pak is currently commander of KPA Artillery Command and a member of the Supreme People’s Assembly. He served as an adjutant and staff member in the KPA Supreme Command prior to becoming commander of KPA artillery in June last year. He was promoted to his current rank of colonel general sometime in early 2013. Pak was first mentioned in state media in April 2012 – appearing entirely in the Kim Jong Un era – and has since made at least 72 recorded appearances. He often appears close by Kim.