April 01, 2023

Successful Launch Puts Long Range Nuclear Missile Capability Within Reach

North Korean Rocket Launch Shows Progress Towards ICBM Capability Has Been Made, But Dr. Andrew Futter Suggests Significant Challenges Remain.

WASHINGTON DC - Today’s successful satellite launch proves there is “no reason why North Korea can't now go on to develop  a fully functioning inter-continental ballistic missile” (ICBM).  But while progress towards a long-range nuclear missile has provoked understandable consternation from Washington and its allies, a UK based expert says that significant hurdles remain for Pyongyang.

This successful launch is significant because it shows that the DPRK is ever-closer to mastering the technology required to field an intercontinental ballistic missile. Married to an ever-progressing nuclear weapons program, Pyongyang is now one step closer to developing long range nuclear weapons capabilities. But despite what appears to be a sensational development, British Missile Defense expert Dr. Andrew Futter explains that several key challenges remain: