November 29, 2023

Business and Outsourcing in North Korea: Interview with Paul Tjia

Two weeks ago, NK News dispatched Nicolle Loughlin to the Netherlands for a soon to be published special feature. While she was there, Nicolle took the opportunity to speak to three prominent figures from the Netherlands’  North Korea community, including individuals in the fields of academia, business, and tourism.  Our mini series of Netherlands-based content last week kicked off with an extended interview with Dr. Remco Breuker of Leiden University and today we publish an extended interview with Dutch businessman and North Korea specialist, Paul Tjia.

Paul Tjia is Managing Director of GPI Consultancy, a specialist enterprise in offshore sourcing. Established in 1995, GPI Consultancy is one of the few independent Dutch consultancy firms in the field of ‘offshore sourcing' and Paul is one of the most experienced offshore consultants in The Netherlands.  As an expert in global sourcing, Paul assists clients with offshore feasibility study and country and partner selection; with North Korea as one of the country's that he specializes in. In addition to directing GPI Consultancy, Paul also co-authored "Offshoring Information Technology", a must-read book about IT outsourcing.