September 23, 2023

Dutch Impressions Of Northern Korea

Last week, NK News dispatched Nicolle Loughlin to the Netherlands for a soon to be published special feature. While she was there, Nicolle took the opportunity to speak to three prominent figures from the Netherlands'  North Korea community, including individuals in the fields of academia, business, and tourism.  Our mini series of Netherlands-based content kicks off today with an extended interview with Dr. Remco Breuker of Leiden University.

Leiden University has a long history related to the fields of Korean Studies. The university was the first in Europe to offer this type of course and remains the only one in the Netherlands offering a Korean language program. Dr. Remco Breuker is a well-known Korean specialist in Europe; his main fields of interest are the history of the Koryo period, central Asian history and history of modern Korea. He has authored numerous publications in the field, and is also a keen Twitter user (follow him here).