August 10, 2022

Carter’s visit to NK : Defending Peace vs. Defending Human Rights

President Carter, along with other members of The Elders, arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday morning. During an exclusive interview with Yonhap before arriving in China, Carter mentioned three purposes for the visit – “rebuilding trust, denuclearization, and human rights and aid issues”. He also hinted on his hope to free Jun Yong Su, a Korean-American held in North Korea since last November, as he did with Aijalon Gomes last August.

Kim’s government, playing the big boss as usual, will set the terms of any meeting with Carter, who doesn’t seem to mind such humiliation. (During his last visit in August 2010, Kim Jong Il left for China only hours after Carter’s arrival, and there was no meeting despite Carter’s extended stay in North Korea to meet with Kim.)