December 07, 2023

Time for the U.S to follow its European Neighbors

Two weeks ago saw the worst artillery attack on South Korean territory since the signing of the armistice on July 27th, 1953. The shelling followed North Korea’s surprise presentation of a sophisticated uranium enrichment facility to a group of visiting U.S. scientists the week before; a move designed to show that Pyongyang’s nuclear program is advancing considerably, despite sanctions.   Earlier this year saw the deadly sinking of the ROK navy corvette, the Cheonan, while last year North Korea tested a second nuclear device and conducted its furthest ever missile test.

Washington’s current North Korea policy isn’t working.  With a peace treaty yet to be signed, naval skirmishes occurring on a regular basis between the two Koreas, and ever-increasing dangers associated with the DPRK nuclear weapon program, it is evident that the status quo cannot prevail.  It is now time for Washington to take some North Korea policy lessons from Europe.