April 06, 2020


Information related to North Korean history

Best of frenemies: Soviet perceptions of North Korea in the 1970s

Pyongyang showed little gratitude for Soviet assistance, yet Moscow couldn't afford to abandon the relationship

Andrei Lankov December 31, 2019

The revolution that wasn't: is North Korea really a "revolutionary" state?

Despite official claims, early DPRK history was not marked by radical change to the status quo

Benjamin R. Young December 25, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. citizen says he snuck into North Korea, was imprisoned in 2015

American who crossed into the DPRK illegally four years ago tells his story for the first time

Chad O'Carroll | Oliver Hotham December 24, 2019

Changing narratives of adoption in North Korean mass culture

Following the famine of the 1990s, North Korean films increasingly promoted individuals adopting orphaned children

Tatiana Gabroussenko December 20, 2019

The need for speed: time as a political tool in North Korea

The U.S. should take note that Kim Jong Un can literally change the time on a subjective — or political — whim

Benjamin R. Young December 11, 2019

DPRK history and plagiarism in Korean Studies - NKNews Podcast Ep.106

Professor Balázs Szalontai discusses his scholarly work on North Korea and the controversy surrounding Charles Armstrong

NK News December 10, 2019

Rules are rules: North Korean "democracy," in theory and in practice

While the laws could allow for the leader to be removed from office, such a scenario would likely require a major crisis

Fyodor Tertitskiy December 6, 2019

From Wiltshire to Pyongyang: North Korea’s Taedonggang brewery

The story of how Ushers of Trowbridge was reassembled in the DPRK, brick by brick, becoming the country's first brewery

Alexi Demetriadi December 5, 2019

What North Korea could learn from labor relations in post-reform China

Heavy state involvement and a lack of worker representation stifled the effective resolution of disputes in Guangdong

Jessup Jong November 28, 2019

From North Carolina to North Korea and beyond: meeting a U.S. defector in Japan

Charles Robert Jenkins spent 39 years in the DPRK, working as everything from translator to silver screen star

Oliver Jia November 27, 2019
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