October 31, 2020


Stijn Mitzer

Stijn Mitzer is an analyst and blogger based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working as a contributor for IHS Jane’s and Bellingcat, he is now writing a book about the Korean People’s Army.


Missiles, guns and camo: A look at North Korea’s entire military parade lineup

With a rapidly-transforming threat looming in the DPRK, who knows what will be on display a decade from now?

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer October 13, 2020

Infographic: North Korean parade reveals more new military tech than ever before

More new military equipment introduced at October 10 parade than any other parade in recent DPRK history

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer October 11, 2020

North Korea’s foundation day military parade: What’s new?

North Korea's latest parade lacked missiles, though there were plenty of new developments

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer September 9, 2018

North Korea’s latest Scud missile test: A carrier killer?

Scud-based high-precision ballistic missile test confirms diversification of North Korea's strategic rocket forces, yet capabilities remain unclear


North Korea’s Pongae-5 anti-air missile: What do we know?

Overshadowed by a missile test, the introduction of potent new air defense system is a significant domestic achievement


North Korea’s April 15 parade: Big missiles, yes – but also small arms

The 2017 parade in Pyongyang revealed several new types of small arms, some patterned after suspiciously modern designs


In depth: the weapons on show at North Korea’s April 15 military parade

North Korea showcases new developments from its Strategic Rocket Forces, alongside older hardware

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer April 15, 2017

How N. Korea’s new APCs highlight the KPA’s continued modernization

New generation of armored personnel carriers signals ongoing upgrade of DPRK ground forces

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer March 28, 2017

A Navy reborn: New warships spotted in North Korea

Exclusive HD photos reveal secretive new class of large warships with advanced capabilities set to enter service

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer November 8, 2016

On the upgrade: North Korea’s rotary cannons

New types of indigenously built rotary cannons are quickly replacing older weaponry, indicating continued modernisation

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer October 14, 2016
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