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July 24, 2024


Martin Weiser

Martin Weiser

Martin Weiser received his MA from Korea University in 2014 with a thesis explaining North Korea’s changing human rights policy. He has continued researching North Korea’s political history as an independent researcher since then. His writings have appeared on SinoNK and in 2018 an article on the country’s legal system appeared in the European Journal of Korean Studies.


Another reason North Korean statistics are hard to trust — human error

State media broadcasts number of recovered ‘fever’ patients but incorrectly includes the number of new cases

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJuly 15, 2022

North Korea’s sweeping leadership reshuffle could signal policy changes to come

30 officials receive new posts in what may be effort to crack down on corruption, control military and more

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJune 16, 2022

How right-wing terrorists nearly killed North Korea’s future leaders

Alternative take on historical evidence suggests dispute in rival party drove attempt on Kim Il Sung and comrades' lives

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJune 1, 2022

What a recent funeral in North Korea says about leadership in Pyongyang

Defense minister and army politburo chief conspicuous no-shows at state funeral as DPRK battles ongoing COVID outbreak

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserMay 23, 2022

Four major trends revealed by North Korea’s COVID-19 case numbers

Data suggests virus may have entered from China, spreading from border regions via trade networks and other movements

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserMay 19, 2022

Ri Pyong Chol, demoted last year for ‘grave incident,’ returns to power

Top official’s restoration gives Kim Jong Un two right-hand military men again, pointing to more weapons tests in future

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserApril 29, 2022

North Korean holiday events offer latest view of top echelons of power

Kim Jong Un’s inner circle appears mostly consistent this year, but big questions surround fate of top military official

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserApril 22, 2022

North Korea’s ICBM cover-up isn’t first time country has tried to hide failures

Attempt to market failed long-range missile test as success follows similar efforts for smaller missile in 2016

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserApril 4, 2022

North Korea’s merry-go-round of officials leads to false alarms about purges

Disappearance of top officials led to speculation about executions, only for those officials to return in new roles

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserMarch 21, 2022

How North Korea’s new patent laws could drive economic growth

First intellectual property rights overhaul in 8 years likely seeks to spur innovation and attract foreign talent

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserMarch 4, 2022
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