September 25, 2020


Martin Weiser

Martin Weiser received his MA from Korea University in 2014 with a thesis explaining North Korea’s changing human rights policy. He has continued researching North Korea’s political history as an independent researcher since then. His writings have appeared on SinoNK and in 2018 an article on the country’s legal system appeared in the European Journal of Korean Studies.


North Korean insurance company data quietly signals economic recovery

Data from five insurance firms all show big improvement to performance, with one even reversing a bad downturn

Martin Weiser August 28, 2020

Leadership changes and odd scheduling tease North Korea’s next party congress

State media revealed several demotions among top leadership and scheduled a major party congress for Jan. 2021

Martin Weiser August 24, 2020

Promoted or demoted? Major North Korean leadership changes and what they mean

North Korea's Politburo has met with unprecedented frequency this year, with at least four meetings held since June

Martin Weiser August 17, 2020

Leadership shuffle? Top DPRK official possibly moved to economy-focused gig

Ri Man Gon, former head of North Korea's OGD, seems to be in a new position after a possible demotion

Martin Weiser August 14, 2020

Why Lee In-young may be the most vocal and successful unification minister yet

Lee's unification ministry will likely play a stronger, more active role in inter-Korean relations

Martin Weiser August 4, 2020

Why the world shouldn’t dismiss North Korea’s COVID-19 vaccine trials

North Korea's increased investment and emphasis on research means COVID-19 clinical trials might actually be underway

Martin Weiser July 28, 2020

North Korean insurance company data gives unprecedented peek into DPRK economy

National insurer is facing growing competition from new, small companies

Martin Weiser July 24, 2020

North Korea changes its maritime law amid increased fishing, casualties

North Korea is addressing safety issues and becoming increasingly transparent about changes to the maritime law

Martin Weiser July 22, 2020

North Korea’s July Politburo meeting: what was discussed and why it matters

The meeting's main focus was COVID-19, but it appears a number of promotions were made as well

Martin Weiser July 6, 2020

Sitting above rank: the rise of Ri Pyong Chol, Pak Jong Chon, and the military

Seating arrangements at recent high-profile political meetings suggest the military's growing influence in North Korea

Martin Weiser July 1, 2020