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July 13, 2024


Martin Weiser

Martin Weiser

Martin Weiser received his MA from Korea University in 2014 with a thesis explaining North Korea’s changing human rights policy. He has continued researching North Korea’s political history as an independent researcher since then. His writings have appeared on SinoNK and in 2018 an article on the country’s legal system appeared in the European Journal of Korean Studies.


Changes to North Korea’s Foreign Trade Law point to tightening of state control

Latest revisions amid pandemic lockdown also suggest efforts to diversify trade and protect domestic production

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserSeptember 20, 2021

Bureaucratic flip-flop: former propaganda head back in post months after leaving

Reappointment of Ri Il Hwan suggests dissatisfaction with his replacement, or a behind-the-scenes power struggle

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserAugust 26, 2021

Kim Jong Un, in naming a successor, follows a similar precedent to Mao

North Korea's creation of an immediate deputy to leader resembles China's plan to name a successor for ailing Mao Zedong

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserAugust 12, 2021

Changes to North Korea’s military leadership on display during mausoleum visit

Kim Jong Un’s visit to Kumsusan last week showcased changes suggesting military’s role in 'grave' COVID-19 incident

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJuly 12, 2021

Was there a major shakeup of top officials at North Korea’s politburo meeting?

Empty seats, voting abstentions may indicate demotions among Kim Jong Un’s top military and other officials

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJuly 1, 2021

Why you can’t believe everything you read about North Korea

A typo on a U.N. database led to misleading reports from uncritical journalists, but the mistake was avoidable

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJune 17, 2021

End of North Korean unification magazine another sign of friction on peninsula

Committee for the June 15 joint declaration has not published its periodical since January

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJune 16, 2021

What Kim Jong Un wants from his local political leaders

A rhetorical splitting of hairs reveals deeper shifts away from the personality cult of the Kim family

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJune 7, 2021

Revised party regulations point to new inter-Korean outlook

Reported changes also suggest curtailed leadership cult and possible position for a successor

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserJune 2, 2021

Protecting the Kim family cult from harm

North Korea's Youth League name change more routine than puzzling

Martin WeiserMartin WeiserMay 19, 2021
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