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Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda is the Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and editor-at-large at The Diplomat. Follow him on Twitter.


What we know about North Korea’s new cruise missiles

Latest tests underscore the continuing push in North Korea to qualitatively advance nuclear delivery capabilities

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaSeptember 16, 2021

Restart of Yongbyon reactor reflects North Korea’s need for fissile material

Kim Jong Un seeks to modernize the DPRK’s nuclear weapons, a goal that benefits from resumed plutonium production

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaSeptember 8, 2021

North Korea continues missile, nuclear development, says Panel of Experts report

Despite ongoing difficulties from sanctions and the pandemic, DPRK continues to sharpen its ‘treasured sword'

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaAugust 24, 2021

The limitations of a South Korean Iron Dome

North Korea is vastly larger and more dynamic than Hamas, but Iron Dome may still have applications on the peninsula

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMay 31, 2021

What’s the big deal about US-ROK missile guidelines?

South Korea is set to develop a range of new capabilities as missile restraints continue to fall in Indo-Pacific

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMay 25, 2021

What we know about North Korea’s ‘newly developed’ missiles

North Korea tested two short-range ballistic missiles on March 25 — possibly the same tech shown at its Jan. 2021 parade

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMarch 30, 2021

North Korea’s cruise missile launch is serious — not just ‘business as usual’

Washington's reaction was understandable, but DPRK cruise missiles may soon become delivery systems for nuclear weapons

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMarch 25, 2021

North Korea’s tumbling economy hasn’t stopped Kim Jong Un from making more nukes

An unpublished draft of the latest U.N. Panel of Experts report shows that Kim Jong Un is still advancing his weapons

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaFebruary 12, 2021

North Korea’s latest parade shows that Kim is deadset on boosting weapons

Pyongyang rolled out two new ballistic missiles in Jan. 2021, signaling a possible return to testing

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJanuary 20, 2021

Kim Jong Un’s latest military plans go far beyond nuclear weapons

At the Eighth Party Congress, the North Korean leader also spoke of submarines, satellites and more

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJanuary 13, 2021
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