March 22, 2023


Andrei Lankov

Andrei Lankov is a Director at NK News and writes exclusively for the site as one of the world's leading authorities on North Korea. A graduate of Leningrad State University, he attended Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung University from 1984-5 - an experience you can read about here. In addition to his writing, he is also a Professor at Kookmin University.


How North Korea’s education fever has driven a boom in private tutoring

Academic achievement is increasingly important in DPRK for success, leading parents to spend heavily on illegal lessons

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovMarch 21, 2023

How illegal North Korean farms could fend off the next famine

Private hillside fields known as ‘sotoji’ have long been a major source of sustenance but undercut reforestation efforts

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovMarch 16, 2023

North Korean threats of war are nothing new. But not all of it is empty bluster.

Kim Yo Jong’s warning about a US ‘declaration of war’ is common in DPRK bombast and shouldn’t be taken at face value

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovMarch 14, 2023

How elite North Korean women have shattered the glass ceiling under Kim Jong Un

Daughter’s frequent appearances and women in key posts showcase shifting attitudes about roles women can play

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovFebruary 17, 2023

In the North Korean economy, the almighty US dollar still reigns supreme

Repeated currency reforms have eroded trust in the DPRK won, making foreign money essential for many transactions

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovFebruary 7, 2023

Why North Korea mistrusts but depends on its foreign-educated elite

Pyongyang regards most who study abroad as Manchurian candidates that are fundamentally disloyal to the Kims

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovJanuary 30, 2023

How the ROK’s education obsession puts North Korean defectors at a disadvantage

DPRK schooling standards lag far behind South Korea, and money can be a major obstacle to academic success

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovJanuary 20, 2023

In a conflict with North Korea, the South has much more to lose

The DPRK cares little about dead soldiers, but there will be nationwide outrage in ROK if tensions turn to skirmishes

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovJanuary 12, 2023

North Korea’s economic reforms were a wild success. Just ask defectors.

Regime’s aborted experiment with marketization increased food consumption, counter to pessimistic economic assessments

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovJanuary 4, 2023

Remembering the Chinese samaritans who helped North Korean defectors in need

Some locals in China have gone out of their way to feed, shelter and protect DPRK refugees fleeing their homeland

Andrei LankovAndrei LankovDecember 26, 2022
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