May 07, 2021

In The Media

NK News is routinely cited by mainstream media for coverage on North Korea. Recent citations include:

BBC World News

BBC interviewed NK News director Chad O’Carroll following the purge and of Jang Song Thaek

Al Jazeera Listening Post

Al Jazeera interviewed NK News director Chad O’Carroll following an NK News feature on North Korea’s removal of news content from its KCNA website:

CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” Show
NK News was featured in a three minute segment about changes to Kim Il Sung’s square, Pyongyang. Photos acquired by NK News were used for the Fareed Zakaria show with the NK News logo and Twitter handle shown in the top right.

BBC_logo_squareBBC Monitoring

The BBC’s broadcast monitoring service wrote a feature about NK News in June 2013:

“Understanding the thought processes of ordinary North Koreans is a common theme on exile websites. The US-based NK News has a regular feature called “Ask a North Korean”, where a defector replies to questions like “What do North Koreans think of Americans?” (Answer: They hardly do, in a real sense, being much more familiar with Asian foreigners through television).

NK News is often quoted in mainstream US and UK media and recently gained attention for its data visualization feature, the North Korean Leadership Tracker, which plotted on a graph the official visits of the junior and senior Kim leaders since 1994. Many exile media sources pride themselves on providing news and analysis from experts with an intimate knowledge of the North, and on being an alternative to reportage from “journalists who are shipped in and shipped out”, as NK News describes it.

They may even critique each other. In its “NK L! ite” section, NK News carried an article called: “Why Mein Kampf has little to offer a North Korean Statesman” which sceptically examined why the story reported by New Focus was so quick to catch on.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal did an extensive feature on the NK NEWS Leadership Tracker:

The Guardian

The Guardian did an extensive feature on the NK NEWS Leadership Tracker: Homepage

Following news broken by NK NEWS that revealed a DPRK missile attack strategy on the U.S.,  Gawker place our reporting in the top slot of their homepage.

Washington Post

NK NEWS Christmas Gift Products made into the the Washington Post’s “Ultimate holiday gift guide for the world news lover in your life”

Following news broken by NK NEWS that revealed a DPRK missile attack strategy on the U.S., place our reporting in the top slot of their homepage.

Fox News, California 

Morning anchor Paul Robins of Fox Sacramento (California) selected NK NEWS as his “morning pick of the day”.

Huffington Post

The HuffPo carried a livestream of the NK NEWS “Ask a North Korean [LIVE]” feature, with a major write-up of the outcome:

Chosun Ilbo

NK News revealed that North Korea may have skirted UN sanctions on luxury goods, which was repeated as headline news in South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo.


Yonhap News

After an exclusive story by NK NEWS on the suspension of Kempinski’s involvement in the Ryugyong Hotel, Yonhap rereport for a South Korean audience:

Vice and HBO

NK News article on basketball was featured for a Vice / HBO feature on Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea

BBC Monitoring


And cited by the following:

Guardian : On Kim Jong Un, the cult icon

Yonhap News : Re-reporting an exclusive about changes in Kim Il Sung Square : Ask a North Korean on homepage (twice)

Business Insider : Feature on Ask a North Korean

Le Monde : Feature on NK NEWS Data Visualization tool

Gizmodo: First pictures in the Ryugyong, via NK NEWS

Gawker: On women in the Olympics

The Atlantic: Using the NK NEWS Exclusive on new iPad technology to emerge in the DPRK : An article about filesharing in North Korea

Think Tanks :

Heritage Foundation
Korea Economic Institute of America

Korean Media:

Yonhap News – Rereporting news about sanctions affecting North Korean postage system

The Kyunghyang Shinmun – Rereporting an exclusive on Sesame Street toy production in North Korea

Chosun Ilbo – Rereporting NK News exclusive on Masik-ryong ski pass. Also main front-page headline:


Chosun Ilbo – Rereporting an exclusive on Sesame Street toy production in North Korea