January 27, 2021

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In-hua Kim

In-hua Kim is a pseudonym for a North Korean defector writer. She left the DPRK in 2018, and now resides in South Korea.

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Ask a North Korean: What do North Koreans know about medieval Korean history?

“North Korea draws parallels between the kings of the past and the Kims of the present.”

In-hua Kim January 25, 2021

Ask a North Korean: Are North Koreans good swimmers?

“Smugglers from Hyesan are so good at swimming that they could probably win gold in the Olympics”

In-hua Kim November 8, 2020

Ask a North Korean: Do North Koreans use dating apps like Tinder or OKCupid?

"Even holding hands in public — let alone anything like Tinder — is frowned upon as anti-socialist behavior"

In-hua Kim September 9, 2020

Ask a North Korean: How popular is soccer in North Korea?

"The World Cup and the Olympics are far beyond the daily concerns of many because they live such harsh lives"

In-hua Kim August 10, 2020

Ask a North Korean: How restricted is movement in North Korea?

"Regardless of where they're from, people can only move around the country if they possess the relevant documentation"

In-hua Kim July 24, 2020

Ask a North Korean: are there really no cases of COVID-19 in North Korea?

"Nobody will believe you if you say there are no coronavirus cases in North Korea"

In-hua Kim July 1, 2020

Ask a North Korean: what do North Koreans think about NGOs working in the DPRK?

"I was never able to benefit from any of the food and medicine sent by humanitarian organizations"

In-hua Kim May 15, 2020

Ask a North Korean: how severe is bullying in North Korean schools?

"A group of rough students attacked a classmate... he was beaten so badly that they actually killed him."

In-hua Kim May 1, 2020

Ask a North Korean: how are orphans treated in North Korea?

"In North Korea, orphans live pitiful lives on the brink of death"

In-hua Kim April 13, 2020

Ask a North Korean: what do North Koreans think about black people?

"In general, North Koreans sympathize with black Americans just like they do with those in Africa"

In-hua Kim April 2, 2020
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