October 21, 2019

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In-hua Kim

In-hua Kim is a pseudonym for a North Korean defector writer. She left the DPRK in 2018, and now resides in South Korea.

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Ask a North Korean: is it difficult for defectors to speak "South Korean"?

"Self-conscious of my North Korean accent, I usually stay silent wherever I go"

In-hua Kim October 7, 2019

Ask a North Korean: what kind of traditional culture still exists in the DPRK?

"Stop laughing and listen! This fortuneteller is really good, she figures things out well"

In-hua Kim September 12, 2019

Ask a North Korean: how did N. Koreans react to Moon's 2018 visit to Pyongyang?

"Whether it's a summit with the U.S. or South Korea, people just dismiss it as political theater"

In-hua Kim August 28, 2019

Ask a North Korean: is anyone genuinely loyal to the ruling Kims anymore?

"With my body in chains, I learned that the culprits of our suffering were the incapable leadership"

In-hua Kim August 12, 2019

Ask a North Korean: from middle-class life to famine and freedom

Introducing a new writer, a former resident of Hyesan, Ryanggang-do

In-hua Kim July 17, 2019