March 04, 2021

Ask A North Korean

Your chance to ask questions to North Koreans about life growing up in the DPRK

A Bullet Is More Precious Than A Bon-bon

Ask A North Korean: What do most North Koreans think of the country's satellite and rocket programs?

Jae Young Kim December 5, 2012

Korean Coffee Culture: Lost In Communication

Given the major cultural differences between North and South, will Korean unification be a smooth process?

Jae Young Kim November 12, 2012

Why did we never complain? We didn’t even know how to.

Do people in North Korea criticize the leaders behind closed doors? How have things changed over the years?

Jae Young Kim November 5, 2012

My Smoky Holiday In North Korea

Do North Koreans ever get to go to places beyond their hometowns? What do North Koreans usually do for vacation?

Jae Young Kim October 22, 2012
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