September 28, 2020

Ask A North Korean

Your chance to ask questions to North Koreans about life growing up in the DPRK

Ask a North Korean: on writing about the North as a defector

"Give the gift of abundance and freedom to North Koreans"

Je Son Lee October 25, 2017

Ask a North Korean: How common is abortion in North Korea?

"Lack of knowledge about birth control means that many women suffer from unplanned pregnancies"

Je Son Lee July 6, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Do women smoke in North Korea?

"Until 2005, it was inconceivable for North Koreans to think that young women could smoke"

Je Son Lee June 28, 2017

Ask a North Korean: What do you think about President Trump and the U.S.?

"South Koreans are trapped in the misconception that America will save them from any danger"

Kim Yoo-sung May 31, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Do North Koreans love cherry blossom, too?

"North Koreans grow up brainwashed to hate cherry blossom trees"

Kim Yoo-sung May 19, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Do women wear high heels in North Korea?

"They were so pretty, but it was painful to walk in them"

Je Son Lee May 8, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Do you use Korean age in North Korea too?

'If I give my Korean age during the official interview with public servants, I will be scolded'

Kim Yoo-sung April 13, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Where do North Koreans get their hair cut?

"Hairstyles people see in South Korean dramas are regarded to be stylish in North Korea"

Je Son Lee March 22, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Why does North Korea use such a unique calendar?

"As a young girl, I always thought that referring to the year as the Juche year seemed more elegant"

Je Son Lee March 2, 2017

Ask a North Korean: What did North Koreans know about Kim Jong Nam?

"Only after arriving in South Korea did I learn about the genealogy of the Kim family"

Kim Yoo-sung February 23, 2017
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