September 21, 2020

Ask A North Korean

Your chance to ask questions to North Koreans about life growing up in the DPRK

When a goat and pig decided to join the North Korean army

Ask a North Korean: Are there any jokes North Koreans like to tell?

Mina Yoon November 14, 2013

The world through a little gap between the curtains

Ask a North Korean: How the government prevents outside information from entering the country

Ji-Min Kang October 31, 2013

Rations? Only after the grains are "cooked, eaten and pooped"

Ask a North Korean: "These days, many North Koreans criticize their government in front of other people."

Mina Yoon October 23, 2013

The secret to watching Steven Seagal movies in North Korea

Ask a North Korean: What was it like growing up in Pyongyang?

Ji-Min Kang October 17, 2013

Plastic surgery in North Korea: More common than you’d think

"Some of my friends tried to make double-eyelids with transparent sticky tapes made in the shape of eyelids"

Mina Yoon October 2, 2013

From Kim to Christ: Why religion works for North Koreans

Ask a North Korean: Explaining the transition from Kim Il Sung-ism to Christianity

Ji-Min Kang September 25, 2013

How to have fun in North Korea

Remembering low-watt TVs and off-key singing in the dark as spare-time enjoyment

Mina Yoon September 18, 2013

Ask a North Korean: Meet Ji Min from Pyongyang

"Watching Pyongyang’s misery on TV make it clear that my soul remains in that land"

Ji-Min Kang September 11, 2013

Ask a North Korean: Introducing Mina, a soldier turned student

Meet one of the new authors of our ongoing “Ask a North Korean” feature

NK News September 11, 2013

Top 5 Similarities between North and South Korea

What are the main similarities (and differences) between life in the two Koreas?

Jae Young Kim February 11, 2013