August 10, 2020


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A woman in a man's world: could Kim Yo Jong really become North Korea's leader?

If Kim Jong Un's sister one day comes to inherit power, she may need to channel her inner Gloriana-esque ruthlessness

Dennis P. Halpin April 27, 2020

Why Kim Jong Un's health is a very big deal

The latest flurry of speculation highlights a very real, but too often neglected, aspect of North Korea risk

Aidan Foster-Carter April 21, 2020

What a landslide ruling party election victory means for South Korean politics

Despite a historic result, President Moon is acutely aware that prospects for diplomacy with the North are dim

Jumin Lee April 16, 2020

Why North Korea may have, quietly, scrapped its last five-year economic plan

With sanctions relief unlikely and a "break-through battle" ahead, Kim Jong Un is shifting gears

Wang Son-taek April 15, 2020

Why North Korea's leadership has little to fear from an outbreak of COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic, even if it gets out of control, would not constitute a major threat to the regime stability

Andrei Lankov April 9, 2020

"Dire situation": How COVID-19 is impacting the North Korea travel industry

With tourism to North Korea frozen after a record-breaking year, some believe visits won't be possible until 2021

Chad O'Carroll April 7, 2020

Why, for many North Korean defectors in the South, life is getting better

Refugees are optimistic and earning more money, according to recent statistics, despite their difficult circumstances

Andrei Lankov April 1, 2020

In her own write: Kim Yo Jong makes her mark

Kim Jong Un’s sister is now issuing her own commentaries in DPRK media. Is she being groomed as a potential successor?

Aidan Foster-Carter March 31, 2020

Why Kim Jong Un likely won't be appointing any new Vice-Marshals any time soon

The North Korean leader has not promoted anyone to the rank since Ri Myong Su in 2016

Fyodor Tertitskiy March 27, 2020

What Choe Son Hui's three-month absence could mean for North Korean policy

A potential reshuffle in the DPRK foreign ministry speaks to shifting sands among Pyongyang's leadership

Wang Son-taek March 26, 2020
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