August 09, 2020


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Why Seoul must not let Pyongyang off the hook for past aggressions

South Korea should not throw out the May 24 Measures without genuine signs from the North that it's ready to change

Jumin Lee May 25, 2020

Why it's time for China to take greater responsibility for North Korea's future

Much stronger influence from Beijing could reduce the threat from Pyongyang and potentially improve human rights

Fyodor Tertitskiy May 21, 2020

No, you’re the puppet: why North Korea isn’t a Chinese satellite

The ruling Kim family has kept their Beijing benefactors close, but far enough as not to invite unwanted interference

Andrei Lankov | Peter Ward May 14, 2020

Despite election success, Moon faces difficulties with Washington and Pyongyang

Cost-sharing talks with Washington and an inter-Korean impasse promise to challenge the ROK President in the coming year

Tom Eck May 12, 2020

Stay the course: Moon bets on sanctions-free engagement with North Korea

The South Korean President is thinking in the long-term and will likely not be deterred by a rough patch in relations

Ramon Pacheco Pardo May 11, 2020

Why Kim Jong Un likely won't be naming a successor anytime soon

Despite his manifest health issues, the North Korean leader likely knows that doing so could provoke a power struggle

Andrei Lankov | Peter Ward May 10, 2020

Trust, but verify: what the media got right about Kim Jong Un's health

Criticism of recent coverage fails to appreciate the day-to-day realities of reporting on North Korea

Peter Ward May 7, 2020

To break the deadlock with North Korea, the U.S. must engage Russia and China

While neither Beijing nor Moscow want a nuclear North Korea, they are wary of instability in the DPRK from U.S. pressure

Anthony V. Rinna May 5, 2020

Back from the dead: when South Korean partisan politics hurts North Korea policy

A recent gaffe by a freshman lawmaker highlights how detached from reality the country's conservatives have become

Fyodor Tertitskiy May 4, 2020

Why reports of Kim Jong Un's untimely death turned out to be greatly exaggerated

Something may have happened to the North Korean leader, but the media has failed to learn from past mistakes

Andrei Lankov May 2, 2020
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