September 24, 2023

Pitching Guidelines: NK News & NK Pro

Please pitch stories via email to Managing Editor Bryan Betts or Deputy Editor Arius Derr at editor [at] nknews [dot] org.

Pitching requirements

Everyone pitches differently. However, please be sure to include the following things in your story pitch to NK News and NK Pro:

– The news peg — Why write this article now? What makes this article relevant today?

– Your main idea (in one to two sentences) — What is the thesis or main idea you are trying to get across in the article?

– Your proposed deadline — When can you realistically turn the article in?
Note: All deadlines should have 1-3 buffer days for Bryan or Arius to edit your piece, ask questions about it or send back any edits. Please anticipate edits and answer any outstanding questions or comments within 24 hours of receiving them.

– The type of piece — Is it an analysis piece, an opinion piece or a reported journalistic news story/feature?

Sample pitch

“I’d like to pitch an analysis piece on the ways Trump could strategically pull off another summit with North Korea before the 2020 U.S. presidential elections and make that summit worthwhile.

My main idea is this: Kim Yo Jong may have called summits “useless” recently, but I believe Trump can make certain concessions to get North Korea back to the negotiating table during another summit. I’d like to make that point and then I’d then like to break down four different scenarios for how these hypothetical summits could go down, and what results they’d produce. 

The news peg would be Trump’s recent comments saying that North Korea “wants to meet” again, coupled with Kim Yo Jong’s comments that another summit would be “useless.”

I can get it to you by July 20.”

A note on editing, deadlines & word count

As a news organization, NK News and NK Pro must stick to tight deadlines and edit pieces to maximize their readability and understandability to readers. We want to help your work reach a large audience and make an impact on our readers.

You may be asked to stay within a specific word count for your piece, and we kindly ask that you send in your articles by your deadline. Please also anticipate significant editing or follow-up questions to your article.

Please pitch stories via email to Managing Editor Bryan Betts or Deputy Editor Arius Derr at editor [at] nknews [dot] org.