December 05, 2023

White Juche: How North Korea captured the imagination of the global far right

White nationalists and neo-Nazis have held up DPRK as model of racial purity and autarky, despite its Marxist trappings

When police raided the Florida condo of neo-Nazi terrorists in 2018, the usual fascist swastikas and Nazi flags adorned the walls. However, an unusual banner hung in the living room of the Atomwaffen Division cell’s condo — the red-star flag of North Korea, which featured prominently in the home and was also an important part of this group’s iconography. 

As it turned out, Atomwaffen Division had also published an online poster conveying its support for Pyongyang during the heightened U.S.-North Korea tensions of 2017. The poster's message declared, “We are with you Korea from the Belly of the Beast." A Juche hammer-sickle-and brush logo featured next to a swastika.