November 30, 2022

North Korea slams ‘provocative’ US-ROK criticism of new nuclear law at UN

DPRK ambassador denounces US for seeking ‘hegemonic, unipolar order,’ while South Korea says Pyongyang’s nukes unlawful

South Korea is at the “forefront of U.S. hostilities” criticizing North Korea’s new law on nuclear weapons usage, a DPRK delegate said at the U.N. on Monday, slamming Seoul for disputing the country’s “sovereign” decision and insisting that “we don’t want to deal with South Korea.”

The unnamed delegate’s remarks in a right of reply to South Korea came as Pyongyang’s ambassador to the U.N. Song Kim delivered a major speech to the General Assembly the same day, denouncing Washington for trying to create a “hegemonic, unipolar” order and perpetuating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.