October 04, 2023

Moon government provided ‘no info’ on North Koreans’ repatriation: Yoon official

Yoon administration says lack of documentation impeded efforts to investigate controversial 2019 case

The Yoon administration received “no information” from the outgoing Moon government about the 2019 repatriation of two North Korean fishermen, a government official claimed Monday, telling reporters that the lack of documentation has hamstrung National Security Office (NSO) efforts to investigate the incident.

While the high-level official in the president’s office did not go as far as to suggest a deliberate cover-up, the remarks follow another unnamed presidential official’s allegation earlier this month that the Moon administration may have deleted or compromised information related to the 2019 repatriations, telling South Korean broadcaster SBS that the current government has no record of meetings that officials had at the time.