November 30, 2022

South Korean group receives new exemption to deliver COVID-19 aid to North Korea

World Health Organization also granted 18 more months to deliver health care items and Toyota cars, UN states

A private South Korean humanitarian organization has received its first U.N. sanctions exemption to send COVID-19 relief to North Korea, the U.N. website showed Thursday, while the World Health Organization (WHO) will have 18 more months to deliver shipments for stalled projects in the country.

The U.N. Security Council 1718 Sanctions Committee has approved a proposal from the inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Research Center (IKECRC) to send 20 thermal imaging cameras to the DPRK’s North Phyongan province. The nongovernmental organization has until Jan. 26, 2023 to deliver the items, while the point of entry and timeline for shipment remain unclear.