February 25, 2024

Disgraced ex-president uses North Korea issues to rebrand as champion of freedom

Park Geun-hye’s team picked several letters from defectors praising the former South Korean leader for bestselling book

South Korea’s disgraced former president uses North Korea issues in an apparent attempt to rebuild her image as a righteous defender of freedom in a new bestseller, trumpeting defector support while amplifying criticisms of her progressive successor’s inter-Korean policies. 

Park Geun-hye, removed from office in 2017 and recently pardoned less than five years into her 20-year sentence for bribery and other charges, devotes a substantial number of pages to North Korea issues in her book, “Not Everybody Feels a Longing (그리움은 아무에게나 생기지 않습니다).” The book is a collection of 166 letters full of gushing praise that she received from fans during her time behind bars.