February 22, 2024

North Korea tells WHO it has no COVID cases after testing additional 696 people

Total tested surpasses 33,000 as country reports shortage of medicine and health personnel to U.N.

North Korea has once again reported no cases of COVID-19 in the country after testing an additional 696 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as the country told the U.N. last week that a lack of medicine and health professionals “remain as challenges.”

The DPRK has now collected a total of 66,142 samples from 33,208 people for COVID-19 tests, with all results coming back negative, according to the WHO’s weekly situation report published on Monday. The 696 people tested from July 2-8 included 113 people with flu-like illness or severe acute respiratory infections and 583 health care workers, the WHO report said.