February 21, 2024

How North Korea supports Palestine and aided Hamas

North Korea may have supplied illicit arms to Hamas, but support for Palestinian liberation goes much deeper

North Korea has long supported the Palestinian liberation movement and the various political organizations that have represented this cause. Since 1988, Pyongyang has officially recognized Palestine as the legitimate authority of all territory held by Israel, except for the Golan Heights. Pyongyang views the Israeli government as imperialist lackeys of Washington and the Palestinians as oppressed peoples fighting for their freedom.

The regime has also sold weapons and military equipment to groups involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and thus earned much-needed foreign currency. Ideologically, Pyongyang demonstrates its revolutionary credentials as an anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist stalwart by supporting the Palestinian militants. North Korea’s support of Palestinian extremist groups, such as Hamas, can also be linked to the Kim family regime’s anti-American and anti-Western ideology.