August 16, 2022

South Korea to spend $37.6 million on drone destroyers

The drones will monitor airports and nuclear power plants, but could have implications for defense against North Korea

South Korea will spend roughly $37.6 million on installing “drone cops” in places like airports and nuclear power plants to bust any drones illegally flying in the area, its science and technology ministry said on Sunday.

These so-called “cops” — which are drones themselves — will collectively monitor areas where flights are banned, taking down any illegally-flying counterparts by identifying the targets’ vulnerabilities and then jamming or hacking into their system. The “drone cops” will be able to do this with help from land-based radars and scanners, and if that fails, the drones will also be able to crash into their targets or cast nets in order to capture them, according to a press release from the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.