April 23, 2021

Kim Jong Un is on a mission to build thousands of new apartments in Pyongyang

The North Korean leader visited a luxury apartment complex construction site to emphasize his push for better housing

After vowing to gift hundreds of new apartment units to North Korea’s finest teachers, writers and scientists by the end of the year, Kim Jong Un reportedly showed up at the complex’s construction site for a second time to show he’s serious about the project.

On Thursday, North Korean state media reported that Kim visited the apartment grounds near Pyongyang’s Pothong River, an area that some experts say is among the most coveted neighborhoods in the country’s capital city. Kim Il-Gi, a senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Strategy (INSS), said that the 800 modern “terrace” apartments slated for this area would stand out symbolically as the first “model homes” in Kim Jong Un’s greater series of urban construction projects for Pyongyang.